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4/23/18  8 minutes

 5/3/18 30 minutes

“I feel relaxed, connected and restored in your presence.”

– KCF. Berkeley, CA

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Remembering to Breathe…flowers are our allies

How many times in a day do you notice your breathing is shallow? Or that you are holding your breath?  Do you wish that your breathing was more easeful and peaceful?   Bougainvillea flower essence  (made by Desert Alchemy) has a tremendous capacity to assist us in breathing and finding our inner peace and stillness, … Continue reading Remembering to Breathe…flowers are our allies

Flower Essences for New Mothers

Being a new mother (and father, but it’s less physical) presents all kinds of highs and lows ;). Whether this is the 1st child or the 4th child, each pregnancy, birth and 4th trimester is unique.  As a human and a mother you change and grow, so each experience is unique.  Each child comes in … Continue reading Flower Essences for New Mothers

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