Gem Essences for Children

One of my favorite gem essence makers is Ann from Indigo Essences.  She has designed essences with children in mind (of course they help adults too).  It was her nephews that helped her discover which gems supported what patterns.

There are a few that I use over and over in my practice.

Shine:  This supports children who are afraid to be themselves and therefore often become the target of bullying. (rose quartz is one of the gem essences in this combination)

Rose Quartz helps us to open our hearts

Bubble:  This essence protects one from environmental stress, as if surrounded by a bubble…we all have days where we need to be protected by our own special bubble.

Dragon’s Blood:  This essence is made from cinnabar and helps children who have no energy feel grounded and protected.

Easy:  This essence helps us feel like life is “easy like Sunday morning”.

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