About Penni Thorpe

I have always felt a deep connection to nature, exploring in the forests, beaches and deserts where I grew up. I knew that my deep connection was very healing to me.  My adult spiritual practice has shown me that we are all here to support each other, plant nature supports us to breathe oxygen and with essences; we can choose to support nature by being mindful of our impact and interface with nature (helping to support clean water, air, soil).

While raising two children (now adults), I realized that there was a lot that western medicine and our culture was not offering individuals and families, especially when it came to deep and/or serious physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. That’s when I began a lifelong quest to seek out natural alternatives that actually worked and could replace many of the ‘just take these pills’ solutions being offered.

As part of this quest, I discovered flower essence therapy (as well as other complementary modalities) and found this modality to be especially powerful (and safer than essential oils for sensitive folks) when it came to healing on every level. Over the years I’ve built up a steady clientele who realize that truly healing starts and ends with nature, primarily the flowers. In addition to my flower essence work, I have taught yoga for more than 25 years (and co-founded a yoga center) with a speciality in pre-natal/postpartum yoga.  I am always deepening my spiritual practice and am excited to be in a shamanic practitioner training.

My work really isn’t work, as I take great pride and pleasure in empowering people to be their most successful selves, regarding of the issues they are dealing with at the moment.  My intention is to empower your deep exploration, to listen to your own heart and fill up where you need to be filled up.


For more information, check out my blog. You can also contact me direct via email or 650-218-5163.


Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Penni specializes working with

*Pregnant women and couples

*New parents and babies

*Parents of verbal children


*Women in peri-menopause

*Easing life transitions (beginnings and endings, including still birth and young children’s deaths; death and dying support)

*Accelerating your dreams/goals




“We were transitioning to a new house and recently had our second baby. Our three-year-old was potty training as well. After about a month of giving my three-year-old daughter her set of essences on a daily basis she was no longer saying, ‘Mommy I want to go back to the old house,’ but instead, ‘Mommy I like my new green house.’ And she was going on the potty! You need to tell people IT WORKS!”

~ Rosalyn Yu, Burlingame


“I have known Penni as a yoga teacher and as a therapeutic touch practitioner. Her ease in connecting body, mind and spirit is one of her greatest gifts. Over the past two years, Penni’s expertise with the flower essences has been a source of great strength and comfort to me. During my numerous travels, it has been difficult to have a sustained yoga or meditation practice, but Penni’s flower essences travel well with me and keep me grounded, nourished and constantly stepping forward into the now. From Joshua Tree essence to help me acknowledge and release genetic, family and cultural patterns that are not in my highest good, to Moxa, which helped me to release things that were blocking me, Penni has always found the right blend for my needs at any given time. She tunes in very keenly, always listening for just the right cues and never using any more than is necessary. Sometimes the essences have been very subtle and sometimes their effect is intense and profound. The changes however, have always been welcome.”

~ Rajani Venkatraman, Palo Alto


To assist her clients with even deeper healing Penni is currently studying shamanic healing with Carla Meeske.