Flower Essences for Children

HFE - Penni's Dream-01

Children who are preverbal and experiencing separation anxiety do very well taking Mariposa Lily along with a few other essences to help them to tap into their own inner mother and “mother themselves” while parents are away.

Children seem to have a natural affinity for the essences.  Many who come into my treatment room can identify which essences would best support them during their current challenge.  I have learned so much from these children about what essences can do for humans!

Verbal children currently watching the chaos and polarization in the world can be overwhelmed at best. If they happen to see some of the trauma, some will internalize it. Post Traumatic Stabilizer (California Flower Essence Services) or Crisis (Desert Alchemy) Flower remedy would be excellent in these situations. Since we all unique and come to our experience with previous experience, it is usually most effective to have a custom blend made for each person. PTS and Crisis are a great start!

Children who come for sessions report having an easier time sleeping and feeling at ease within themselves




child 2

Delaney, age 7