Spirit Discovery Flower Essence Sessions

Spirit Discovery Flower Essence Sessions HFE - Penni's Dream-01

If you’ve never had a flower essence session before, perhaps the best way to describe it is like an acupuncture treatment (with liquid essences instead of needles!) plus guided meditation.

Traditional flower essence practitioners ask questions about your life challenges and then recommend flower essences based on your answers.

My approach is much more integral, focusing on your optimal state of being and using energy work techniques to get to the core of your issues and challenges.  Our souls know how to live in truth, love and beauty.  These sessions clear obstacles that have been internalized and the flower essences remind us of these truths providing a grace and ease to move you towards your own wholeness to rediscover your spirit.

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What does a session involve?

1. Sessions begin with a brief discussion of what you want to accomplish during our time together.  This may also involve muscle testing (a simple way for your body to tell me what’s going on)

2.  Next, we do energy work to clear any obstacles (ancestral patterns,   personal traumas) that might be in the way of your growth and success.

3.  Using that information, we use muscle testing to select the essences best suited to support your healing journey. See this gallery of flowers for just a few of the choices of 2,000 essences.

(If we are working remotely, I mail the essences to you and we continue the session once you have received your dosage bottle.)

4.  Then the majority of the session involves essence work customized to your specific needs.

What are the results?

Often clients come in anxious, overwhelmed or in despair—and come out smiling and confident that they can move forward to becoming their true selves, without the blockages and debilitating issues.

To schedule a healing session please call me at 650-218-5163

Sessions can be easily done long distance.  We address the first steps and then I send your blend to you.  Once you receive the blend we continue with the rest of the session.  Clients report this as effective as being in person!

How long is a session and the cost?

The first session usually lasts 90 minutes, and subsequent sessions vary between 60-to-90 minutes. Fee for a session, which includes a bottle of the essences for your use, is $120.