Journey work

What is happening here?  Why am I stuck?  Why is this so confusing?  This just doesn’t make sense.

Journey work helps us to find the answers.   Together, we access your unseen support to find answers to questions you know you have and questions you don’t even realize you have.  Clients report healing on emotional, mental and spiritual levels, which can in turn heal physicality.  Journeys can take you anywhere

and can help you access spirit allies who will not only protect you but often aid you in getting the answers you seek.

Grizzly bears often show up as power animals to help guide us during our healing journeys. These guides are responsive to our needs and help us in easy and graceful ways that the ordinary world often does not understand.
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

During a healing session flower essences often evoke your own imagery where Penni serves as a guide and support.

Standalone journeywork can take two different forms:

*facilitated shamanic journeys to find your power animals, plants, teachers, cowalkers and other allies

*Penni journeys for you in person (or by video) in realtime which is recorded and sent to you.