Natural Self Care Education Classes

I started exploring natural medicine when I was pregnant with my first, but it deepened quickly when that child had severe allergies and was heading towards being asthmatic.  I knew there were options, but it all seemed overwhelming.  30 years later with lots of exploration and varying experience, I want to make your journey with natural medicine easier than mine.  There are lots of entry points and often natural medicine is more affordable than conventional medicine, without all of the side effects and you feel more and more empowered with each step you take.  It’s a win-win.  When these modalities don’t do the trick, you call your doctor.

Penni teaches small group classes size 2-9 people of any age, in your location.   In general, classes are 90 minutes and cost for group is $120.  Please contact me and we can discuss details for your group.


Possible subject matter:

Breathwork:  Opening the lungs and deepening the breath through very gentle movement

Cell Salts:  Basic Cell Salts,  what are they, how do I use them, when do I use them

Cell Salts for Cold and Flu

Cell Salts for School Aged Children and their Parents

Cell Salts for the Childbearing Year +

Cell Salts for Nerves/Sleep/Learning

Cell Salts for Women

Flower/Gem Essences:  Flower Essence Basics, what are they, how do I use them, when

do I use them?

Flower Essences for the Childbearing Year+

for new parents or doulas

Flower Essences for Young Families

Flower Essences for School aged Children and their families

Flower Essences for MidLife challenges

Flower Essences for Caregivers

Healing Movement Education

Natural Healing Modalities:  exploration of natural medicine

Top Ten Natural Medicines for your home medicine cabinet