For Easing Transitions

Most people come for a healing session because they are facing some kind of transition, either challenged by a transition that has presented itself (new career, new baby, new life partner, new idea that is challenging them, new understanding of a past traumatic life event; a change in family structure due to death of a loved one or a life change for a loved one) or because they are seeking a change.

Often these sessions include life coaching with meditations, guided imagery, breathwork  or other body/mind/spirit practices to help support their best self to come forward in the midst of the change.  Change is often a great opportunity, a great opening,  if we can trust ourselves to stay centered and trust our intuition to guide us to the best possible outcome.  Receiving support makes all the difference.

Clutter clearing support is available at $60/hour and includes flower essences to support you while you release your physical stuff.  20 minute journey work is available for $60 per session.

Contact me to schedule a session to ease your transition.