First Time Mother? What to Know Before the Birth.

First time breastfeeding?

Hello first time breastfeeder!

Here are some things to know ahead and then check back with at the appropriate times:

Your body prepares milk that is age appropriate to your baby…amazing! And it also prepares milk that prevents disease based on the baby’s backwash that goes into your milk ducts. (CLICK HERE for a relatively new finding by a scientist mom!).

Usually before giving birth (up to 4 weeks before) you may start leaking colostrum. This is a good thing and you know that your body is on track. At this point you can just put a tissue or cotton pads in your bra to not have a wet mark on your shirt/dress.

  • Do wear a shirt braless to bed to allow your nipples to get used to not being protected all the time.
  • DO NOT rough up the nipples with a washcloth.
  • Rescue Remedy cream is great for preparing the nipples for breastfeeding….apply daily

The more you can trust that your body knows what it is doing (even if your mind doesn’t) the body responds by working with ease and grace.

  • Getting sleep is crucial to keeping milk supply happy. Get creative about how to meet everyone in the family’s needs. Including yours!!
  • Using one or more of these flower essences can help: The New Mother Formula, Crisis, Inner Mother, Milky Nipple Cactus (all from Desert Alchemy), 5 flower formula (from Healing Herbs).

New to Flower Essences?

If you are new to flower essences, the following essences are a great way to start. These essences focus on ‘Being present in the moment and allowing yourself to expand (instead of contract)”.

  1. Healing Herbs: Five-flower formula
  2. Desert Alchemy: CRISIS: Desert Emergency Formula
  3. Alaskan Essences: Soul Support

Trust your instincts about which seems best for you!

During pregnancy or breastfeeding I recommend that moms put 2 drops in a glass of water and sip.  This can be a life saver from 37 weeks on when you never know when the baby will decide to be born!