Newly seeing the shadow…help!

We are living in a time of great opportunity, but sometimes it is shocking. When you first see something that has been there all along, but you chose not to see it because it was too painful, too inconvenient, too too much to see. BUT now you can’t un-see or un-hear that which is truly there.

And so then what? In the past 10 years I have had some of these moments and my friends have as well. This is the time of the shadow coming to light. What we need to remember is that only in the light can the shadow find the healing it’s been seeking all along. Flower essences are here to help.

The first remedy I recommend for this New Earth challenging time is Crisis, Desert Emergency Formula Essence made by Desert Alchemy. This is a combination of essences from the desert where flowers learn to live amidst a very challenging and harsh environment and thrive! I have been known to use this on a daily basis if I am adjusting to seeing or hearing something new that is upsetting.

Another very helpful remedy is Earth Creation from Bloesem Remedies in Holland. This essence supports us in standing in our power, supported by the unseen who are supporting us to connect to our whole. This essence has supported me to have a sense of what I want to create in the New Earth and this gives me hope for moving past the shock of hearing and seeing what I did not want to hear or see.

There are a variety of roses that can be helpful as well.   These help us to keep our hearts open in the midst of chaos.   Flora of Asia and Perelandra make some very helpful rose flower essences that I often use in my practice.IMG_1566

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